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Due to the restrictions connected to COVID-19 we have all been asked to step out of our daily routines and to stay physically away from those we care about. Naturally, like any major transition/ change in life this has caused an increase in anxieties, stress and low mood. Now more than ever it is important to stay connected through video chats and ​telephone check ins.

As a professional, I recognize the need for support during this difficult time. I have moved to a video platform in order to offer counselling for those who require support.

I will be doing my best to use this platform and social media platforms to share any resources that may be of help while we are all adjusting to our new normal.......for now.

Check out this resource for helping Children put out by the Canadian Government:


Wellness is about striving for balance. That means in all areas of life. I believe we are always striving for balance; never actually being 100% balanced but rather paving our own roads as we learn more about ourselves and what we need and desire in life. 

I am very excited to be able to share these resources with you from individuals and small businesses who primarily focus on helping people find balance on their wellness journey. Remember that in order to achieve happiness  our entire system needs attention. 

Check out these wonderful Resources

Sola Skincare​

Check out this Beautiful product made with wellness and health in mind. Founded and continues to be run by a family in BC. Check out their website to learn more about the products that so many have come to love and to read their inspirational story. I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

Amala Tea

If you loved reading about the Even's through Sola Skincare, you are in luck. They have continued their amazing entrepreneurial journey and have together as husband and wife and business owners come together to create a line of herbal teas that focus on wellness! We have all heard how beneficial herbal teas are, but with Dr. Even's extensive education with Chinese Herbs and Christine's extensive experience with creating natural products, they have truly created a remarkable product that works! 

Don't take my word for it.... CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE and try it for yourself. I did... and loved it!

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